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PBN HQ offers an online stage for purchasing lapsed area names. They have created scratching procedures which looks the web for high metric areas that have as of late lapsed and are accessible to re-enroll under new possession. They at that point physically check the areas to guarantee those high measurements are precise and aren’t ‘phony’ or have been spammed before. They’ll additionally check to guarantee areas were appropriate sites as well.

Areas are then given in a simple to see stage online where you can get them for $10-$20 each relying upon the measurements. The higher the trust stream, the higher the cost of the space name. You would then be able to buy a space name, which you at that point must enlist with your area name supplier for an additional $10. buy-cheap-pbn-links apk download

How Do I Use PBN HQ?

The initial step is to visit the Official PBN HQ here.

pbn hq audit

Anybody can agree to accept a free record however you can’t really observe any of the space names your purchasing. Because of the idea of the administration, it bodes well to keep area names mystery with the goal that any nosy eyes (you know who) don’t uncover all the space names or just enroll them.