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We don’t anticipate purchasing or prescribing purchasing visitor posts. There would need to be an extraordinary oddity – an office offering great, honest to goodness joins for extremely modest – for us to ever prescribe them. In light of cost alone, that is not the situation.

Thus, rather, we purchased 5 joins from 5 distinctive midrange organizations (one connection for every office) whose objective statistic was individuals like us: autonomous site manufacturers.

We essentially needed to discover what they were doing and report back to answer fundamental inquiries:

How costly is it?

Is the procedure any great?

Are the connections any great?

We concluded that it is best to simply pick an extremely extensive site to point the purchased connects to, since it wouldn’t influence that site one way or the other.

Be that as it may, we didn’t expect a portion of the organizations to be as absolute shady as they ended up being, which speaks to our amazingly dumb and genuinely humiliating moral pbn-building-services graphics

Our Ethical F*ck Up

I truly can’t trust I was as guileless as I ended up being here.

When we set out to do this test, I assumed that a portion of the organizations would do low-quality work.

What I didn’t expect was for some of them to utilize unmitigated PBNs and bundling them as visitor posts.

In any case, some did.

Furthermore, we ought to have known.